Winter is the time to use very unusual and extremely useful gadgets that will not let you freeze and get lost. After all, active recreation at this time of the year is at least a little, but it is associated with risk. Be fully equipped.

EnergyFlux Enduro 7800mAh – warm your hands, charge your phone, light the way

Unusually useful winter gadgets

  • Enough for 2-3 full charges of a standard smartphone
  • Hand warming function
  • Lantern in normal and emergency mode

There is never enough free space in your backpack and pockets when packing for a hike. Especially in winter. Especially if it’s a sport for you. Every kilogram of what you carry counts.

Why carry a flashlight, a power bank and a hand warmer with you, if you can combine all this in one gadget? The EnergyFlux Enduro is just such a compact and feature-packed gadget.

Avalanche beeper Ortovox S1

Unusually useful winter gadgets

  • 3 antenna
  • Signal amplification for groups
  • Automatic switching when an avalanche occurs again

If your snowboarding or skiing gets you far away from the knurled and crowded trails (or you wander there on foot), it is useful to have an avalanche transceiver with you. It will help to find you and provide assistance in case of an avalanche. The sensor also helps to see signals from other victims.

The latest three-antenna models will not only tell rescuers where to look for you, but even show them how deep you are under a layer of snow. In addition, the device is equipped with a whole set of additional sensors: a thermometer, a barometer, a compass, and even a sensor that allows you to find out the angle of inclination relative to the horizontal.

If the whole group has such transmitters, then each next in the chain acts as an amplifier and transmitter, and all of them help to transmit the signal to a greater distance.

Garmin Fenix ​​5X Sapphire – map, navigator and more right on your hand

Unusually useful winter gadgets

  • Preloaded color topographic map of Europe
  • Group tracking function
  • Selection of the optimal route
  • Fitness tracker features
  • Synchronization with a smartphone

A smart navigator watch with the functions of a fitness tracker and statistics collector for an athlete will be a great help not only for skiers and snowboarders, but also for hikers in wild places. Preloaded maps, the ability to download and install new ones, track your group of friends on the map, plot routes based on given data – these are just some of what these top watches can do.

In addition to advanced navigation functions and fitness tracker functions, the gadget is equipped with special programs for skiers. You can:

  • Assess slope steepness
  • Check the speed of descent
  • Record vertical fall time when jumping

Getting lost with this miracle gadget simply will not work, if you yourself have forgotten where and why you are going, you can use the “return along the route you have traveled” function or lay a shorter one.

Of course, all this is enclosed in a shock-resistant case with sapphire crystal, the device is not afraid of moisture, withstands negative temperatures and the most difficult conditions. The gadget is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, through which you can download maps and edit some preset options.

Multi Dryer with Glove Dryports – keep your heart warm and your feet dry!

Unusually useful winter gadgets

  • Convection mode
  • Interchangeable tips for an extra pair of shoes or mittens
  • Lightweight and durable construction

High-tech gadgets are good, but simpler things are needed. Having returned from a walk in the mountains, from a skating rink or skiing, you don’t want to think about your daily routine. The glove and boot dryer will take care of your shoes and clothes. Put on her boots with mittens and forgot. Drying occurs without overheating, in a natural way. Things are ventilated.

In a word, if there is a place in the trunk of the car for this drying, take it.

Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf – keep your smartphone in a safe place

Unusually useful winter gadgets

  • Compartments for a standard phone, a film that allows you to control the screen through a scarf, a camera connector;
  • Compartments for essentials;
  • Different colors, styles and sizes;
  • Version with built-in power bank for charging.

An interesting “gadget” that will suit fans of ice skating and hiking in the winter (and even those who ski on flat terrain). The scarf allows you to keep your smartphone “closer to the body” in the most literal sense. Through the compartment for the phone, you can control it and take photos or videos – access to the camera is not closed. This is convenient – just remove the edge of the scarf, in which there is a compartment for the mobile. You can hide your passport, keys or money in the compartment for important things with a zipper.

What is important for eco-responsible people, the scarf is made of synthetic microfleece, which fully conveys the feeling of woolen things. The model with a pocket for a small power bank also has the ability to recharge a smartphone.

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