Ford Autolivery Autonomous Delivery ServiceQuadcopters have appeared relatively recently, but their popularity is growing quite quickly. At first they were just amateur drones, then they began to be used for shooting videos, loading them with weighty photo and video cameras, and then they were completely made responsible for delivering parcels. Within the framework of the program Ford Smart Mobilitythe automaker went even further and contracted drones to deliver food.

The new concept of the “City of the Future” involves the interaction of unmanned delivery vans with quadrocopters to deliver food, medicine or any other materials. For example, if there is a closed parking in the courtyard of your house, the delivery to your floor can be completed using a drone – in this case, the copter will fly to your balcony. This saves the AI ​​from searching for the nearest parking space or driving through narrow courtyards where it can sometimes be difficult to turn around. It will also speed up delivery in the event that the van gets stuck in a traffic jam.

During the World Mobile Congress 2017, we were given a chance to try out a similar autonomous delivery service Ford Autolivery In action. True, not in reality, but in VR glasses, wearing which we find ourselves in an apartment where preparations are underway for a friends party. But here’s the problem – we lack a few ingredients for preparing a festive dinner.

However, it’s not that scary. A holographic menu immediately pops up in front of us, which prompts us to quickly order the necessary ingredients. Next, we transfer to the place of the forklift, which sends us the order, put the ingredients in the van and send it to our address. At the end of the delivery, the drone brings the order directly to the kitchen window on one of the top floors of the virtual skyscraper. It’s really cool!