Ford Tricity Modern megacities are riddled with highways and interchanges, when moving along which you can easily get stuck in a traffic jam. As we have mentioned many times, people in traffic are stressed not only because they are late for work or for a meeting. The very driving of a car on a highway clogged with cars is very exhausting. Ford engineers understand this and strive to make any person as mobile as possible in an urban environment. The problem of mobility has become the main impetus for the creation of a multifunctional electric bike Ford Tricity.

Ford Tricity Ford Tricity

electric bike Ford Tricity It folds very compactly and takes up very little space in a car or public transport. If you find yourself in a long traffic jam, you just need to park your car in the nearest place and move on by bike. At speeds over 20 km / h, this electric bike can hardly be called slow, and you can ride it both on sidewalks and bike paths, and on the highway, subject to safety rules. Plus to everything Ford Tricity more compact than a traditional bicycle and, as a result, much more agile.

Ford Tricity In addition to improving mobility in terms of movement Ford Tricity solves another problem – the transportation of goods. A similar solution is offered by the Carr-E platform, which Ford introduced with the TriCiti bike at Mobile World Congress 2017. Ford Tricity Easily converts from e-bike to trolley and reduces the load, thus allowing you to carry more materials. Such a universal electric bike with a trolley function will definitely find application both during shopping trips and during repairs at home or in the country.