Back in July of this year, the Geely concern, which now includes Volvo, announced its intention to acquire a small company called Terrafugia, which develops flying cars. More recently, a press release was issued stating the successful completion of the negotiations.

What sounds like fantasy has long been a reality for Terrafugia. The former start-up company, which was founded in 2006 by five engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, introduced its first flying car a few years ago. But fame has found them only now.

Subcompact with wings: Transition

transitionA model called the Transition resembles a small car with wings attached and is suitable, for example, in order to get to the runway without a tractor – it drives on its own. The Transition is equipped with a 100 hp aircraft engine. and can carry two passengers.

To be able to get behind the wheel and take to the skies, in addition to a driver’s license, you also need to have at least 20 hours of flying time. But the Transition model, unfortunately, cannot take off vertically. To do this, Terrafugia has developed a successor in the form of TF-X.

VTOL: Terrafugia TF-X

TF-XJust like its predecessor, the TF-X flying car received permission from the US authorities for the first test flights back in 2015. Thanks to the hybrid drive, the aircar can drive on the roads on electric traction, and in the air it uses an internal combustion engine.

It uses folding “wings” with rotating propellers, which allows the car to take off in just a few minutes – including vertically. The TF-X offers space for 4 people and, according to the manufacturer, should fly at speeds up to 320 km/h. The motor must have a power of 300 hp. and self-recharging batteries. The final cruising range of the air car will be as much as 800 kilometers.

No kidding: TF-X will have to wait, but Transition is already available for pre-order

TF-XWith the wings folded down, the TF-X aircar will fit into an ordinary garage. Regarding the cost, the manufacturer indicated only that it would focus on luxury cars. More accurate information will be announced as the improvement of the machine progresses.

Thus, we will have to wait some more time until it becomes known when the production TF-X will take to the air and whether it will happen at all. But the Transition model mentioned above can already be pre-ordered by making an advance payment of $ 10,000. The total cost of the car is 194,000 dollars, that is, approximately 11,379,000 rubles.

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