Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort is the world’s largest amusement park, spread over an area of ​​15,000 hectares. In addition to numerous themed attractions, there are several water parks, 23 hotels and many restaurants and shops.

An entrance ticket to Disneyland costs more than $100, and a trip to the USA is not cheap. However, with the help of Google Maps, you can take a virtual tour of the famous amusement park without spending a dime.

This is possible thanks to the Streetview function – Google made colorful panoramas of the streets on the territory of Disneyland and tied the photos to the desired coordinates. Just follow this link, select the desired location and control your movement with the mouse.

Walking around Disneyland
Walking around Disneyland

In addition to the famous fairy-tale castle, you will see many attractions and theme parks, as well as you can look into the house of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, visit Disney Hollywood Studios, visit the planet Pandora from Avatar and the world of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Of course, this will not replace a real visit to Disneyland, but it will help to touch the wonderful world of Disney fantasy.

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A photo: pixabay.com, Google