Facebook: the social network in blue

What do the logos of famous companies hide?
Facebook in its famous blue and white style

The blue-and-white Facebook logo also has an interesting but short history: Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has a hard time distinguishing between red and green. And since it turns out he sees blue best, the current CEO chose a combination of blue and white for the Facebook logo.

Apple: a bitten apple of hope

The world famous Apple logo
The world famous Apple logo

What do you think about when you look at a bitten apple? About the fruit section in the supermarket, the biblical fruit, or the technology corporation Apple with an almost biblical number of adherents? After the giant success of the concern in recent years, a bitten apple is increasingly becoming a status symbol.

Apple owes this to Rob Janoff, who created the company’s logo in 1977. Previously, Ron Wayne designed the classic logo depicting Isaac Newton under an apple tree, where hung the same apple (apple) that inspired Newton to discover the laws of gravity. But such an idea for a company logo was rejected, and a bitten apple still adorns technical innovations to this day.

Rob Janoff in one of his interviews said that he deliberately depicted an apple bitten so that it would not be confused with a cherry. In addition, anyone who sees such a logo can imagine how great it is to bite off a piece from a juicy apple. Another strange coincidence: a bite in English is “bite”, which is consonant with “byte”, that is, “byte” is a unit of data volume. In addition, here you can find a hint at the history of the father of computer technology, Alan Turing. He died of poisoning after eating an apple laced with cyanide.

Another unconfirmed theory as to why the apple has become the symbol of one of the leading technology corporations: it is said that Jeff Ruskin, who helped develop Macintosh computers, was a favorite variety of apples called “Mac”. In addition, shortly before the founding of Apple, Steve Jobs was a fruitarian. He ate only fruits, which eventually led him to the name “Apple”.

Initially, the logo was painted in rainbow colors, which was supposed to symbolize hope and visions of the future, but since 1999 the company has been using the classic silver color.

Google: with rainbow doodles to the heights of success

What do the logos of famous companies hide?

From Apple we move on to their direct competitor – Google. The company logo was designed by Stanford professor Ruth Kedar. Unlike Apple, Google kept the colors of the rainbow in the logo. According to Kedar, the color sequence is of particular importance: in the first three letters, Kedar created a sequence from blue to red to yellow. But instead of repeating this sequence in the last three letters, she suddenly breaks it with a green “L”. This unexpected turn symbolizes that Google is not going to play by the rules.

In addition to the usual logo, the giant Google search engine stands out from the rest with special doodles – these are thematic logos that can be seen on the Google homepage during the holidays.

Twitter: winged basketball player

Twitter Bird: Larry Bird
Twitter Bird: Larry Bird

We hear the morning chirping of birds not only in the forest. Since 2006, “tweets” (from the English “tweet” – “bird chirping”) have been heard on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The company logo also directly reminds us of the feathered inhabitants of the planet – a blue bird on a white background.

But the blue bird is more than just a part of a marketing strategy: already when the service was created, it received the name Larry Bird (“bird” – a bird). She was named after the former American basketball player. The logo became even more interesting in 2012, when Twitter changed it for the first time. The bird, which was shown horizontally in the logo before, now looks up to the right. This change should show that the company will continue to move forward towards success.

According to the company’s own blog, the new bird originated from a love of ornithology, austere design and simple geometry. The image of the bird is created from three circles superimposed on each other, which symbolize the connections between social networks, interests and ideas of the community.

Amazon: fun shopping from A to Z

Amazon symbol - smiling arrow
Amazon Symbol – Smiling Arrow

Amazon is one of the most successful online retailers in the world with nearly $89 billion in annual sales. Everyone recognizes the company, first of all, by its logo. While there are no hidden meanings behind the word “amazon”, the yellow arrow below it is full of surprises – it highlights the diversity of the company’s products.

The arrow stretched from the letter “A” to the letter “Z”, which means that the range of Amazon products covers all the letters of the alphabet, as they would say in Russia – from “A” to “Z”. In addition, the curved arrow can be interpreted as a smile, because Amazon customers will be happy with their purchases.

Pinterest: Company logo in the form of a “button”

What do the logos of famous companies hide?
Pinterest Button Logo

On Pinterest, you can post photos of important and interesting moments in your life on a virtual wall, as if hanging a photo on the wall and attaching it with buttons. The logo of the service just hints at this: it is a Latin letter “P” with a pointed leg. Great “joke” from the developers!

LG: smiling man

What do the logos of famous companies hide?
LG face

For a change, let’s remember some easy-to-read logo: for example, in the logo of the well-known manufacturer of smartphones and home appliances LG, we can easily distinguish a smiling face.

The image symbolizes the friendliness of the company towards customers, conveys purposefulness, composure and self-confidence. Other elements of the logo, according to LG, also have a certain meaning: the circle represents a globe and symbolizes the world – all of humanity, as well as youth and the future.

The upper right part of the LG logo is deliberately omitted from the image, this creates an asymmetry that should symbolize the company’s creativity and ability to adapt to new conditions. The color was also not chosen by chance: the same “LG red”, the main one in the logo, reflects friendliness and striving for excellence. Gray stands for technology and reliability.

Sony Vaio: mysterious symbols in the logo of laptops

What do the logos of famous companies hide?For the Vaio product line, Sony has come up with a logo full of secret signs: created by Timothy Hanley, the logo symbolizes the union of analog and digital technologies. The syllable “VA” represents the analog waveform, and the “IO” at the end represents the digital technology with code values ​​0 and 1.

Sun Microsystems: the sun from all directions

What do the logos of famous companies hide?
Sun is a famous ambigram

The ambigram of the Sun Microsystems logo is a little easier to read. It was developed in 1982 by Vaughan Pratt of Stanford University. You can read the word “SUN” on the logo in all directions. The most interesting: Pratt was able to create this illusion without using the Latin letter “S”. Instead, the logo consists only of the letters “U” and “N”, which are so cleverly placed next to each other.

Cisco: love for the hometown in the name and logo

Cisco and the Golden Gate Bridge
Cisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

The American telecommunications company Cisco was founded in 1987 in San Francisco. Both its name and logo are reminiscent of this city: Cisco is the last two syllables of the city of San Francisco. The vertical lines of the logo depict a comb spectrum of a periodic signal, shaped to resemble the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cologne Zoo Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

What do the logos of famous companies hide?
Animals hidden in the background of other animals

Existing since 2007, the logo of the Cologne Zoo at first glance depicts a single elephant: the Cologne Zoo is proud of its elephant park, the largest north of the Alps and covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters. But take a closer look – there are many more animals on the logo.

“In the elephant” we see a little curved giraffe. It symbolizes the far-sighted policy and exoticism of the zoo. Between the front and hind legs of the elephant, the rhinoceros “hides”. It, as representatives of the zoo explain, symbolizes power and craving for adventure. Between the hind legs of the elephant are “hidden” the outlines of the symbol of the metropolis on the Rhine River – the Cologne Cathedral. This is a tribute to the city where the zoo is located.

Toblerone: bear mountain

What do the logos of famous companies hide?
Do you see a bear?

Of course, the mountain in the logo of the popular Swiss chocolate brand is nothing but one of the most recognizable peaks in the Alps – the Matterhorn. But there’s something else hidden in the Toblerone logo. Do you see what exactly?

If you look closely, you can see not only the snow on the Matterhorn, but also the outlines of a bear – it is a symbol of the Swiss city of Bern, where Toblerone is produced.

Do you remember a couple more interesting logos? Write in the comments!

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