Why is the Internet of Things needed, what role will chip manufacturer Qualcomm play and what will happen to this area? IoT specialist Seshu Madhavapeddy answered our questions.

What is the state of the Internet of Things?

What's Next for the Internet of Things: Interview with VP of IoT QualcommThe Internet of Things can offer incredible opportunities for businesses and consumers. But it also presents a technological challenge: diverse, rapidly changing connectivity and computing power requirements, data growth, interoperability, data security and protection, power consumption, thousands of unique form factors, and more.

The challenge for manufacturers is that in order for products to be popular, they must be small, always ready to go, keep connected and respond quickly, and be energy efficient, safe, easy to operate and inexpensive.

What is the role of Qualcomm in the development of the Internet of Things?

We want to develop and release equipment for IoT. Our products will enable customers to quickly and profitably bring their IoT products to market, including wearables, speech and music recognition technologies, IP cameras, robots and drones, smart home systems, and more. Currently, Qualcomm Technologies ships over a million IoT chips to hundreds of markets per day. Our IoT solutions have a range of SoC components in their arsenal, from circuits for advanced mobile devices to circuits for Bluetooth.

What is important?

The development of edge computing is of great importance for the progress of IoT. Processing data directly on devices reduces latency for critical tasks, reduces dependence on the cloud, and makes it possible to manage the huge data flows that IoT causes. In addition, this approach increases the level of security and data protection, since the latter remain on the device.

What will happen next?

Demand for energy efficient IoT devices is on the rise. But it is necessary that these devices meet the requirements.

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