How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction – the standard that describes this technology is called Qi. It was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and can transmit power over distances up to 4 cm.

The charging station is connected to the network and generates energy in an electromagnetic field using a built-in inductor. To receive energy, the phone must have a special receiver – a Qi-receiver. It is enough to put the gadget on the platform, and it will start charging. The material of the smartphone case also plays an important role: the backs of energy-producing models are usually made of glass or ceramics.

How do I know if my phone supports wireless charging?

The easiest way is to look at the price of a smartphone. If this is a budget model, most likely, it is charged only by the standard method – via a USB cable. But if you have a current or last year’s flagship in your hands, most likely, these phones can be charged with wireless charging.

To find out exactly whether a particular model supports the Qi standard, go to the official website of its developers. In the Products tab, you will see a list of all registered models with wireless charging.

Which phones can be charged wirelessly

You can immediately type the name of your smartphone in the search bar, or you can scroll through the table and search for the desired gadget manually – models are sorted by registration date: new ones are higher, old ones are at the end of the list. There are a lot of Qi-enabled gadgets, besides, the general table shows not only smartphones, but also charging accessories. If you can’t find your phone, enter only the name of the manufacturer in the search – this way you will significantly reduce the list.

Which phones support wireless charging

Many top smartphones support wireless charging, including the flagships of yesteryear. Xiaomi’s first gadget with a Qi module was Mi Mix 2S, after which Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9 have already been released, which also know how to quickly charge wirelessly.

Huawei pioneered the Mate 20 Pro – by the way, it can also use reverse charging to share power with similar smartphones. But the Honor subsidiary still does not have models with Qi – perhaps they will appear in 2019.Which phones can be charged wirelesslyiPhones have been supporting wireless charging since 2017, since the launch of the iPhone 8. The eighth, tenth, and most recent iPhones, although they work with Qi, charge faster via cable.

Samsung introduced Qi support in 2016 with the Galaxy S7. All subsequent devices in the Galaxy S line can also be charged from the compact wireless station.

How to add wireless charging to your smartphone

If you did not find your gadget in the list of Qi-enabled models, but really want to charge it wirelessly, you can purchase a case with a built-in receiver or a separate Qi module. Wireless charging cases are sold in large quantities on Aliexpress and similar Chinese sites. The issue price is about 600 rubles. You can also buy Qi Case offline, but much more expensive.

Which phones can be charged wirelessly

Which phones can be charged wirelessly

A more budget solution is to buy a Qi-receiver. If you order from China, it will cost about 100 rubles. This device is a small inductor that is installed in the charging unit. There are two types of such coils: the first must be connected directly to the battery, and the second – to the charging port. Of course, the second type is more popular – these receivers can be carefully hidden under the case and installed without disassembling the smartphone.

Wireless charging: pros and cons

The main advantage of wireless charging is reflected in its name – it is very convenient to charge your smartphone by simply placing it on the charging station, without connecting any cables to it and without getting tangled in wires.

As for the downsides, wireless charging on most models is still much slower than wired. Xiaomi recently introduced the world’s first 20W wireless charging station. The new Mi 9 is fully charged from the Mi Wireless Charging Pad in just an hour and a half – and this is already at the level of wired devices.

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